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Nicht weil es schwierig ist, wagen wir es nicht, sondern weil wir es nicht wagen, ist es schwierig.

Giving Birth to Yourself

Some of us were expected to realize the unfulfilled longings of our parents and to satisfy their needs before even sensing our own. We got used to the fact that there isn't enough space and nourishment for our own aliveness and gave up to wish for more. Keeping our inner flame low we learned to function and survive. Isn't it time to step out of this limited space and start growing?


What if there are parts of your aliveness that haven't been born yet because they weren't welcome or fitting into the surroundings? Imagine those parts as tiny little seeds deep down in yourself. Patiently waiting for the invitation to start growing. How can you find them and support them to grow?


This workshop is an invitation to retrieve them with the support of the animals of your Deep Imagination. You will journey into your inner realms to discover which parts of you are ready to be born and brought into life.


Which of my body parts has been frozen by outer judgement or physical injury?

Which emotion needed to be buried and is longing to be felt and embraced again?

Did I receive the nourishment I needed or was I already nourishing somebody else?

Which seed of creativity is waiting to be watered?


The animals that you meet in the inner journeys will guide you with their knowing power, compassion and humor. They help you to leave the traces of your limited mindsets and beliefs and encourage you to jump with them into the bubbling inner ocean of your aliveness. It is composed of the nourishment and inspiration that you may have always been lacking.

Are you ready to dive deeply?


Thu 18.00 – 20.30

Fri + Sat 10.00 – 18.00

Sun 10.00 – 16.00

Information & registration

Petra Zemanová, 725 783 506, seminare(at)
artwork: © Deep Inner Space, Eva Schuster

An intensive journey into the forgotten parts of who you are
with Raffaella Mayana Romieri
17. – 20. May 18
Týnská ulicka 6, 1064 Prague, Czech Republic
English with translation into Czech

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