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Die Transformation der Welt kommt, wenn wir uns selbst ändern.

Coming home to who you are


We tell stories about who we are, what we want and what we believe to know and we tell these stories to ourselves and other people. But each one of these stories carries its own story. We encountered them on our path of life, some of them chosen deliberately, others taken over unconsciously.

Beyond all of these stories something deeper and older than our mind is able to think is waiting to be discovered: the living beings of our Deep Imagination. When we close our eyes and focus our attention inwards we actively open he doors that lead into the realm of our inner imagery.


So maybe you meat a bear in your heart. He knows, which parts of yourself needed to be hidden a long time ago, because they were judged by others as “too loud” or “too much”. He can show you how to leave behind behavioral patterns, that served you for protection but became too narrow by now. And he is the one who can show you the paths to discover new ways of encounters in relationships.

mind – heart – belly

In this workshop you will meet in inner journeys the animals of these three dimensions. You will find out what they need from you to be able to support you with their full power. By allowing them to meet and engage with each other – just the way they need to – you enable deep inner growing.

Information & registration

Jakub Moulis, +420 725 783 506, seminare(at)

with Raffaella Mayana Romieri
2. + 3. Sep. 17
· 09.00 - 18.00 pm
fee: 3.700,- CzK early bird by 10.8.: 3.500,- CzK
Týnská ulicka 6, 1064 Prague, Czech Republic
English with translation into Czech

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